Zalkari Knowledge Foundation is a nonprofit foundation formed to contribute to its ecosystem. at large. It is registered as per section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. All of the foundation’s activities are structured to provide equal opportunity for a dignified and sustainable life.
All Donations to Zalkari Knowledge Foundation, India are 50% Tax Exempt under Section 80G of Income Act, 1961.

Donate for General Fund

General Fund is created and maintained by our Foundation to cover general expenses not specific to a project or cause or head. This helps cover vital to the running of the foundation. Expenses such as Administrative expenses, or any unexpected expenses which may arise during the course of running the foundation are paid through general fund.

Ocean of Knowledge

Ocean of Knowledge is a campaign created by Zalkari Knowledge Foundation to run libraries for children.

Although children’s books are readily available in the metro and megacities, libraries are few in the rural and tribal areas where we work. Children in these communities have little access to books other than textbooks.
A child’s education, social and cognitive development, well-being, and mental health can all benefit from reading for enjoyment. The children’s Library Program is intended to improve the learning outcomes, especially of children in government schools by providing them with access to books and STEAM materials.
Books on fantasy, fiction, songs, poems, history, adventures, games and puzzles, grammar, biographies, and inspirational stories of famous persons in and around India will be available in the children’s library.
The Kids Library is designed for children aged 4 to 13. Our Children’s Library contains roughly 191 little and medium-sized books and STEAM materials in Marathi and English. This will cost INR 25000/- in total.
In addition to this, we host storytelling sessions. We will provide some financial assistance to the hosts who volunteer their time to read books to the children, and we will also require funds to purchase some art materials to assist youngsters in expressing their sentiments after reading books.
Currently, we are running a children’s library program in two villages in Bhiwandi. We need your help with the “Ocean of Knowledge” initiative. You may help us by donating money to purchase books in sets of INR 500 or 1000, or you can donate any amount.

Donate to ensure that no child is out of school

A learning crisis has been exacerbated because of the COVID-19 epidemic, with long-term ramifications for future generations of children. The schools were closed for about 82 weeks or 1.5 years, between March 2020 and October 2021. As a result, most children have lost at least one specific language and/or one specific mathematical ability.
Because of the prolonged shutdown of ICDS and lower and upper primary government institutions, children from underprivileged communities have become increasingly vulnerable. Due to the lack of a regular mid-day meal provided by educational institutions, most children from disadvantaged communities face severe hunger.
Online education remained to be a pipe dream for children who lacked access to the internet, televisions, computers, or even cell phones. As a result, many children grew up to marry or work as child laborers.
We must concentrate our efforts on children in transitional grades, particularly those in primary to secondary school, where dropout rates, particularly among girls, are high.
Zalkari intends to include bridge courses to help youngsters overcome their learning losses so that the educational gap they have created does not affect their future learning. As children of various ages return to school, it will follow an age-appropriate learning program in the curriculum.
We will start this initiative in the five villages each in Raigad and Amravati Districts, with the majority of the tribal population. The people belong to Katkari, Thakur, Madia Gond, and Korku communities.

While we are actively trying to retain our children in education, we need your help to make our efforts go even further. Help us secure children’s future.

How your donation will help Zalkari Knowledge Foundation

  • We ensure access to quality education for every child, especially the girl children and children from the most vulnerable groups, so they can pull themselves out of poverty
  • We work with communities to help find solutions to end vulnerability, discrimination, so that every individual can realize their right to live a respectful life.
  • We ensure life skill and other skill enhancement programs so that young generation including women and youth get better opportunities to become self reliant

Here is how we invest your donation

  • Program costs cover child education and retention, vocational and life skill program for the women and youth and entrepreneurship development program
  • Operational costs include overheads like rent, electricity, maintenance, development etc.
  • Capital expenditure refers to fixed assets like furniture and fixtures, computers and peripherals, office equipment, etc.