Addressing Covid Emergencies

Relief Services
We are in constant contact with communities through our locations and regularly evaluate psychosocial and medical needs. Over the past few months, following the lockdown a number of people expressed the need to support for a range of the most basic requirements, we have addressed their needs by providing grocery kits, education material, sanitizers, and face masks.
Staff Safety Measures
We changed the personnel at all times to take safety measures without compromise. We have provided safety kits, vitamins, etc. also providing work from home facility for our staff.
Creating Awareness
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we created materials to raise awareness. The material includes posters, pamphlets and booklets on different aspects of Covid – hygiene, stigma, prevention, etc. We also have been doing door to door awareness about vaccination and the people, especially the women who hardly pay attention to their health, are encouraged to step out of the homes and vaccinate.